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The ice hockey pitch is not only a place of competition, but also a learning environment. Here you can directly apply what you have learned and perfect your skills on the ice. The exchange with trainers worldwide offers you new perspectives and methods. Training camps are ideal places to work on the finer points of your game and be inspired by professionals.


Strong networking is the key to personal and professional development in ice hockey. By interacting with coaches and other players, you can develop yourself further and learn new skills. Finding the right club that values your talents as a coach or player is made easier by a good network. Take every opportunity to make contacts and advance your career.


Continuous development is essential in order to stay at the top. Performance coaching helps you to identify your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Mental coaching and athletic training are further components that strengthen you physically and mentally. By using different applications and technologies, you can increase your performance and achieve your goals.

In the world of ice hockey, it’s important that you never stop learning, networking and developing. Every step along the way brings you closer to your dreams and goals in sport.


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Showcase your skills and accomplishments to the hockey world with your profile. Similar to other platforms, you can follow users, chat with them, and discuss relevant topics to strengthen your presence in the community.
Find the right community in various groups to connect with national or international players and stay up-to-date. If there's no suitable group available, you can easily create your own and invite other users to build an active community. Within a group, video meetings can also take place.
Are you looking for like-minded individuals to connect and exchange ideas? Our Connections feature connects you with players, coaches, agents, and more from the hockey world. Take advantage of the opportunity to network and exchange ideas to expand your connections and discover new opportunities.
Be one of the first to hear about new tryouts! Our Tryouts feature instantly notifies you when a club is looking to strengthen its team. If you're looking for a new team, this feature is perfect for you. Teams registered with Pro Sports Connect regularly publish new tryouts, and you can be one of the first to know about them.
Discover a central hub for all events and camps to improve your skills in areas like stickhandling, power skating, and mental health. Our event calendar offers a variety of events near you. With our filter feature, you can easily search by location, category, and price to find the perfect camp or event for you.

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